When You Alienate your Allies, You Strengthen your Enemy.

Imagine you’re the Cool Dude in town. I mean, you’re the guy everyone goes to for advice and help. You’re the guy willing to help others and make sure they’re taken care of. You don’t bully but intercede to provide the best possible resolution acceptable to all parties involved. You’re the Cool Dude. 

As the Cool Dude, you have many friends. Friends who assist you while helping others. Friends who have your back when shit hits the fan. As the Cool Dude, you have enemies as well. 

Some of your enemies are all talk and no action. These entities simply don’t like you for a myriad of reasons. But there is the one enemie who is not necessarily the Cool Dude in his land, but reigns because he is the Feared Dude. 

The Feared Dude is the cool dude’s biggest and strongest enemy. The enemy the Cool Dude secretly fears the most, but knows his friends have his back and that makes the Cool Dude much stronger than the feared dude, so while tensions exist, all runs well knowing it’s really a confrontation neither really wants. 

The Cool Dude and the Feared Dude co-exist somewhat peacefully. 

Slowly, the Cool Dude speaks and corresponds with the Feared Dude. Peacefully they begin to make change. The Cool Dude hoping he can one day reverse the thought of feared dude and at last call him a friend. 

The Cool Dude and the Feared Dude co-exist a little more peacefully than before. Tensions seem to ease. Soon walls between each begin to crumble; however, the rubble doesn’t disappear completely. 

Meanwhile, the cool dude keeps aging and passing the Cool Dude torch to those capable of keeping tensions at bay. Maintaining current friendships all while continuing to help those in need. 

The Feared Dude finally relents and officially retires dissolving what he once reigned so mightily over. He slices his pie amongst his friends. Soon an even more feared dude takes over and the once peaceful existence is now jeopardized. 

New Feared Dude still knows the Cool Dude has many friends who have his back and old tensions simmer below the surface waiting to boil over. 

Then one day an New Cool Dude takes over. Many already know he’s not really a Cool Dude that just happens to be the title held by all previous Cool Dude’s who, for the most part, didn’t screw up too badly while taking care of the responsibilities all other Cool Dudes have overseen. 

This New Cool Dude seems uneducated and selfish. He doesn’t seem to hold all people with the same regard and respect. This New Cool Dude lies and steals and doesn’t really care who notices. This New Cool Dude acts awfully similar to New Feared Dude. 

New Cool Dude is so bad he’s starting to anger some of his friends that helped make him so powerful. New Feared Dude gains more confidence, and how can he not, he’s had sleepovers with many of New Cool Dude’s closest friends. Friends who act an awful lot like New Feared Dude. 

New Cool Dude alienates some of his friends, which only strengthens New Feared Dude’s resolve. He becomes emboldened. 

New Cool Dude’s friends may soon have decisions to face. Decisions that influence so many more people than just New Cool Dude. 

They silently worry that New Feared Dude feels like he has the power he needs to finally inflict pain on New Cool Dude’s people. 

The Friends may soon have to decide to continue support for New Cool Dude solely for the purpose of helping his people or refuse support and let New Cool Dude take on New Feared Dude alone, knowing full well the friendship and bond formed between New Feared Dude and New Cool Dude has been flaunted and rubbed in the noses of the people New Cool Dude took an oath to serve and protect. 

All in the name of the Almighty Dollar. 

Let’s hope that the Friends who have stood by all previous Cool Dudes still feel compelled to help knowing the New Cool Dude is an insufferable asshole. Let’s hope the Friends know that New Cool Dude’s people are doing all within their power to make sure New Cool Dude doesn’t let the fox into the hen house. Let’s hope if the fox does sneak in,  the Friends will still lend support so we, Cools Dude’s people never have to live in fear like New Feared Dude’s people.