The Tears of A Cubs Fan

If White Sox fans can beat a dead horse for years, well I guess I can too. 

The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions today.  Two days later I finally shed a tear. You know, that damn video of Harry Caray calling the last out of the World Series. Yep, it got me. 

The tears came not for the chilling nature of a dead guy making the final call, but because it brought to mind another dead guy in my life, my dad. 

When I shared the video on facebook, I did so dedicating it to my daddy! Forty-eight years old with three kids of my own and I referred to him as daddy. 

Chicago Cubs

Maybe I’d used the term daddy because I was just a young pup, eighteen, when he died. It had only been a few years earlier that I stopped calling him that.  Maybe it’s more because he wasn’t here to witness this. Maybe it’s because of more selfish reasons like he wasn’t here to share this with me, his only son, the boy he raised to be a loyal Cubs fan. 

I don’t think dad really liked Harry Caray much and since dad drank Old Style I know it’s not Harry’s choice of beverage that made me connect this commercial with my dad but for whatever reason I did, I’m very happy because of it today. See, today is the day after the day after the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series and now I finally feel special because of their milestone achievement. Special because it brought to mind my dad. 

Besides 1945 when dad was six, the closest he got to see the Cubs go was in 1984 when the boys in blue blew a 2-0 series lead to the Padres. He wasn’t around to suffer the heartache of 2003 or last year’s debacle in the NLCS. 

Hopefully, we do get to keep an eye on our loved ones from beyond, and just maybe we get to see their lives through their eyes once we’ve gone. 

If so, I think dad knows and I think maybe my tears this morning were him telling me he was here with me the whole time watching the greatest game of all time for Chicago Cubs fans. An extra inning victory in game 7 of their first World Series in 108 years. Yeah, easily the best game, ever for this baseball fan.