Maybe I’ll fart rainbows!

I’ve been waiting over two months to have a say. I’ve refrained from posting my opinion on social media. For one, social media is draining. I don’t have time to deal with the ill-informed trolls residing on social media lane. 

You’ll first notice that names do not appear in the title and there will be no keyword optimization for this post. I do not plan to capitalize on keywords or hashtags, today. 

Fart rainbows

Today, the day we, as a nation, inaugurate our forty-fifth President of the United States of America. 
It’s a dark time for us, but history says we can get through this. We’ve had actors, businessmen, military leaders, and career politicians take the reigns of this coveted land. To date, we’ve survived. Hopefully, this trend continues. 

It’s not the fact that our new POTUS has been nothing more than a businessman in his life, and has no political savvy whatsoever that has me worried. It’s the moral turpitude he espouses that has me cringing. 

I don’t like the fact that he has mocked a handicapped man, allegedly sexually assaulted women, ripped off small business owners, and I especially don’t like that he doesn’t pay taxes. 

He benefits from many of the services tax dollars support. He can use our streets and sidewalks, call 9-1-1 to request help from paramedics, fire departments, and police. 

But he doesn’t contribute. He’s proud of this fact and claims it makes him smart. Hey, he did get millions of low income working class stiffs to vote for him, maybe he is smart. However, I suspect many of the people who voted for him are the same ones who voted against EVERYTHING President Obama accomplished. 

While he has no accomplishments to date as POTUS, no doubt his supporters will see nothing but good in everything he does. Even though the signs are there. 

I practically wet my pants when it became known his BFF is one of our most deadly enemies.  This fact made even worse when you realize he owes money to his new friends. Coincidence? 

His cabinet picks speak volumes as to his experience and hell, his credibility, even. 

I don’t know, maybe I’ll eat crow. Maybe he’ll really turn our economy around and make things better for everyone, beginning from the bottom up. Maybe he’ll tax his rich friends and get them to actually contribute to this great land and not keep taking, taking, taking. 

Who knows, perhaps his new cabinet picks will clean up all aspects of their respective departments and things will get fixed. Perhaps there will be fewer homeless people when all is said and done. Maybe we’ll see a curriculum within our education system that actually benefits our children and not one that lines the pockets of its greatest advocates. 

Wouldn’t it be great to see the working class actually be able to afford the American dream and not have to struggle mightily to keep up with a leader, who by all accounts, has never lived a middle class day in his life? 

Maybe he’ll see their struggles and make America great again. And maybe I’ll fart rainbows and shit fifty cent pieces, too!