Heaven Received a Great Man Today. 

We laid to rest a great man today. My wife’s uncle passed earlier this week and it has me a hot mess. 

I often try to get out of attending funerals unless it’s for close loved ones like Uncle Bill. 

I don’t like them because I can’t handle the emotions that come with them. The thoughts of not having our dearest around any more and  the thoughts of our own short lives and how we live them. 

As I get up in age I can’t help be feel that there will be a lot more of these to attend in the future. 

Uncle Bill was a great man. He loved and cared for his family and always had a smile on his face. It was especially great to see him interact with his grandchildren. 

I always saw the man with a huge smile on his face and ready with a story or a joke. I’ll always remember how people laughed and laughed when he was around. I’m sure my wife and her family will have even more great memories of a great man. 

Today hit me harder than I thought it would and I had to leave so I could dry my eyes and grab some more tissue for the wife and I to share during the rest of the service. 

I’m not quite certain how I am going to handle if we ever lose Uncle Bill’s brother who doubles as my father-in-law. That man has been in my life just a touch longer than my own dad and he’s taught me a lot about life and fixing shit. 

As we slowly drive through town heading to the cemetery, I know what is going through the minds of his kids, even if they are grown. 

“How do we live without him?” They’ll ask many times in the near future.  My advice to them would be to hold the memories of the man near to your heart and keep his leagacy alive. I’d tell them that it does get easier dealing with his absence, as time seems to always know how to put distance between us and our hurt. I’d be honest and say that it never gets easier knowing he’s gone.  Almost 30 years after my dad’s death, I still think of him every day. 

 He’s in a better place now and no longer suffers, but one can’t help but be selfish in these instances and want to keep our loved ones here with us and alive.  Alive to make more memories. Alive to say I love you more often. Alive to take in their smells, laugh, smile, and even their temper when we pissed them off! 

Yeah, we humans are a selfish bunch that way, but can you blame us?