About the Man

Shawn P. MackeyI’ve been many things in my life and I refuse to be defined by how I make money or what I do for a living. First, I am a husband who has been happily married to my best friend for fourteen years. Next, I am a father to three beautiful girls, and finally, I am just a regular guy who tries to make a difference with everything I do.

I am a truck driver by trade, an educator by profession, and an entrepreneur by passion. I will NEVER stop learning.

My aim is to make you think, laugh, and live.

My passion is education. I am an educator by profession, believe in life long learning, and have become disenchanted with the nation’s public educational system. In late 2011 I basically said something like this quote from Education dot com in a memo to my colleagues: We are not preparing our students to enter the workforce with the skills they need in the new millennium. ” Soon I was made to feel like I was no longer wanted at that school, so I left education. 

I am a husband, father, educator, truck driver, foul-mouthed teddy bear who wants to make the world a better place. Ok, I don’t have goals and dreams to become some peace touting guru who lives off the land with no possessions, I just want to teach my kids to be real to themselves, know right from wrong, make good decisions, and don’t marry an abusive asshole because I don’t want to go to prison. I’m a dreamer, a lifelong learner, and a man who desires to do many things. I am a free speaker and free thinker. My circle is small, but lusts for expansion. I work extremely hard and am completely lazy; I’m a contradictory contradiction, and I would have it no other way. I used to love my beer but have moved on from “that” life; I don’t miss it. I am an open book, won’t someone please turn my pages?

It’s taken me a while to really come up with a good about me page. It’s been a difficult process because I’m not really a rah, rah, talk about me kinda guy, anymore. I’ve been in too many conversations that abruptly ended because someone decided to just start a conversation with someone else mid rift. Many claimed–okay, those who knew me really well– that I talked too much. Maybe I did, but I no longer open myself to people right away. I don’t talk much and because I hate my smile, many people think I’m pissed. Oh well. I’ve taken many steps on many different roads in my life, and I will continue to do so. I have never done anything in the traditional manner. I like to be different; I dance like no one is watching, with my wife and kids, down the pasta aisle at the grocery store. If I’m your friend, I will be loyal to the end. If I’m your enemy, shame on you for not taking the time to get to know me better!

My Goal was Education

I wanted so badly to be a teacher and when I did, I feel let down by the educational system in our country. It saddens me that we are creating drones thanks to the ACT people and whomever really funds them. Because the ACT people say it’s important, every unique, individual child must learn it the ACT way. After all, it’s what’s on the test. I’m fortunate enough to still be accepted as a substitute teacher in our local school district, so I get to work with students, but I’m no longer directly responsible for this Common Core debacle of the twenty first century.

Business Education

I’m also a newbie businessman who stills has miles to go, but can still use my teaching skills and knowledge to help the grown folk of society. It breaks my heart that recent statistics show six out of ten people are in debt. It saddens me that a college education costs people an arm, a leg, a few toes, and any hope they ever had of living a debt free life in the future. So I decided to help people earn some extra money using online and offline marketing methods that are so simple, your kids could do it, and some do. My aim is education that leads you to profits and better relationships.