A Life Changed by the Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs! Wow, what can I say? I’m almost speechless. Somehow, I thought I’d feel different. After forty-eight years of life, and, for sure forty-five years of cognitive rooting, losing, not getting close, to winning it all, I’ve lived with a bevy of emotions pouring out in little droplets of Cubbie blue sweat and, more often than not, tears.

It’s the morning after the biggest milestone in my life not revolving around marriage or births of offspring. I have no hangover for I did not drink, but somehow, I feel a touch lethargic. Hell, I almost left the gas station without grabbing a historic newspaper with World Series MVP Ben Zobrist showing some of the emotions I felt last night.

I’m not exactly sure how I should feel. Within minutes last night I went from nervously anticipating a 6-3 Chicago Cubs victory, to almost being banned from watching the rest of the game. I guess the F-bombs and palm slapping the kitchen counter led the Mrs. to believe something was getting broken or if she would be planning my funeral. I wasn’t sure how much more my heart could take!

I stepped outside for a while and refused to watch Chapman finally get out of an inning many Closet Coaches felt he shouldn’t have even been in. (This is where the wife turned off the TV)

Thankfully, I came in to a tie going into the ninth. The game was back on, I was calm, and I had decided that I’d have to accept the outcome no matter what. Hell, if they’d have lost, well, I was used to that, right?

Then came the rain. A rain delay? WTF? A rain delay, in the top of the tenth, in game seven of a World Series where neither team had won a championship in a combined 176 years. Are you kidding me?

I was texting back and forth with my oldest daughter, who had strayed from the Chicago Cubs for a while when she dated a Sox fan (still shaking my head) but came back toward the blue light. She convinced me not to go to bed. I couldn’t be there with her in person for this historic event, so I was extremely happy to be sharing the moment the best way available with her.

I was a mess while they were taking the tarp from the field. Seven minutes. Arghhh! The Cubs had Schwarber, Bryant, and Rizzo coming to the plate. What would happen, how would I handle it, and would it really change my life in any way, shape, or form?

The Chicago Cubs did change my life last night. Although miles apart, I witnessed history with my oldest and had the middle child right here with me, too.  I learned that baseball really is just a game and I have nothing invested but time. I learned that life goes on. I learned, after one final maddening outburst, to control my emotions.

Still, the circle is complete with all of Chicago’s major sports teams winning a world championship in my lifetime. Wait, is there still professional soccer in Chicago? Oh well, I only really follow the big five.

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs and their entire organization. And big hearty congratulations to any Chicago Cubs fans who have actually been waiting since 1908 or 1945!